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School Garden Webinar for CCE Educators and Volunteers

Monday, February 23, 2015, 3pm. School gardening programs offer the opportunities that children need for physical activity, healthier eating and enhanced academic success. In this webinar, Rockland County CCE Horticulture Community Educator Annie Christian-Reuter will share how she has teamed up with over twelve Master Gardener Volunteers to revive and strengthen the CCE Rockland School […]

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More Americans are Growing Food

Are you one of the 42 million households growing food? A special National Gardening Association report Garden to Table notes a 17% increase in food gardening from 2008. This is most significant among young people (18 to 34). If you are among the growing or want to be growing check out our Cornell Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners online […]


Time to Plant Garlic

Garlic is a rewarding and easy crop to grow. Garlic is the last crop to go into the ground for the season. It’s delicious and an easy to use addition in the kitchen, it is rich in antioxidants and excellent for boosting the immune system, and it is said to ward off vampires!  For gardeners […]

Sod Strip

The Making of a Sod Sofa

(originally posted on the Cornell Horticulture blog, where a video of the process can be viewed) In what has become an annual tradition, a dozen students in the Art of Horticulture (HORT 2010) installed a sod sofa — this year on the south side of Corson-Mudd Hall. The experience is as much about building teamwork among the students […]


Organic Gardening Online Class, Registration Open

The Department of Horticulture’s online Organic Gardening course is designed to help new gardeners get started and help experienced gardeners broaden their understanding of organic techniques for all kinds of gardens. The course runs October 8 to November 21, 2014, and covers one topic each week. (See course outline below.) With a strong foundation in […]


National Farm to School launches first-ever evaluation framework

On Tuesday, the National Farm to School Network (NFSN) launched a pioneering and highly anticipated new resource, Evaluation for Transformation: A Cross Sectoral Evaluation Framework for Farm to School. In less than a decade, farm to school has expanded from a handful of programs to a full-fledged, thriving, grassroots-led movement in all 50 states and […]


NY Urban Forestry Connections

Is your New York community engaging in or interested in learning more about urban forestry education or planning? Are you connected with the New York State Urban Forestry Council? The council is a volunteer group, organized formally in 1999, to advise and assist the NYS Department of Conservation (DEC) in executing its Urban and Community Forestry policies. […]


Vegetable varieties worth considering

May is an optimistic month for NYS vegetable gardeners. We might be fortunate enough to be harvesting some cool season crops while we hope the last frost has come so we might sneak a few more growing days for our warm season crops. Moreover, there are nurseries and local plant sale overflowing with inspiring possibilities […]


Online botanical illustration courses start June 2

Posted by cdc25 in Distance learning Learn botanical illustration online.  Three courses taught by Marcia Eames-Sheavly start June 2, 2014: Basic Drawing Techniques Working with watercolor Advanced Techniques You can view works by students in previous classes on display in the cases in the west wing of the first floor of Plant Science Building. The course webpages also have links […]

Gourd single_resized

Unsightly Appearance on Gourds? No Problem!

Last year, here in Cornell Garden-Based Learning, we grew a plethora of gourds for harvest for gourd craft. Frankly, we can’t get enough of them — they are beautiful, interesting to work with, there are diverse varieties, and you can get fantastic results, such as the bowls you can see in this Hort 2010: Art of Horticulture class pic. […]


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